Sunset Cruise Nungwi

Whether you are on honeymoon, with your family or by yourself, going on sunset cruise is a perfect way to finish the day. You will be driven from the hotel to the northern point of the island - Nungwi, the beach that surrounds this area is truly stunning. Azure waters and white sands are what awaits those that come here. Watching the sunset on Zanzibar is an amazing experience and watching it while sailing the sea is one of a kind, it’s the best way to experience the glorious Zanzibar sunset. On a traditional wooden dhow with the wind in your sail and a glass of wine in your hand as you cruise along watching the setting sun cast gold and amber hues on the North Zanzibar coast. The sunset cruise leaves at 16:30 from Nungwi beach, and returns around 18:30, just after the sun has set.

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