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Our Suites & Villas

We offer 4 different Suites & Villas, all with the same contemporary vibe and modern African spirit

Pearl Suites

  • 2 - 3
  • 1
  • 1

Pearl Suites are located on the front row in bungalows of 2 or 3 and are ocean front with each bungalow having a private exit to the ocean. Surrounded by a lush Garden. All the rooms have comfortable furniture on the terrace.

Oyster Suites

  • 2 - 3
  • 1
  • 1

Oyster Suites are enchanting, spacious and light with an outdoor Terrace and views of the lush tropical gardens.  Perfect for nature lovers and those who enjoy privacy. Can be double or triple. Perfect for families with children. 

The Oyster Villas

  • 2 - 3
  • 1
  • 1

These Villas overlook the tropical garden area. They benefit from a private lounge for relaxation fully furnished on the upper level of the villa. It can take up to 3 people in it. These Villas can be double or triple (double + single bed).  

The Pearl Villa

  • 4
  • 2
  • 2

Our Beach front Luxury Villa is overlooking the Indian Ocean. The privacy of freestanding Villa with 2 Bedrooms and 2 separate bathrooms fitted with air conditioning. The Villa offers a spectacular view, large patio and own garden for relaxation with a private plunge pool. The Villa was designed in a modern African style. Perfect for 2 couples or a family of 4.

Zanzibar Pearl Gallery

Good to know (before you come)

Restaurant and Bar

Our main restaurant inspired by the surrounded coastal vibe, it also supports the community, serving a range of meals using fresh, local ingredients. We are offer a great selection of spirits, cocktails and wine to make your meal that bit tastier. 

All our products are organic supplied by the best local suppliers.

Vegetarians: A full cooked vegetarian option is always available.

Food allergic or any dietary preference please let us know in advance.

Phone & mobile internet

Free Wi-Fi available around the hotel.

If you wish to obtain a local SIM card you need to present your passport before the purchase.

For mobile internet, we recommend Zantel due to its growing network of the 4G/LTE, whereas for call purposes Halotel.

Cash and/or credit card

The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling that is valid on Zanzibar, Pemba and the Tanzanian mainland.

We recommend exchanging your home currency to US dollars before departure to avoid bank charges. However, many places and we are accepting USD, Euro. Please note that the US dollar shouldn’t be older than 2006, because of the poorer exchange rate. At most bureau de change, larger notes fetch a better exchange rate than the smaller notes.

Please note that a 5 % surcharge is add to all/most card payments here in Zanzibar.

You should know the closer ATM located in Kiwengwa 15 minutes far from our spot. The other ATMs can be found in Stone Town or at Airport.

Medical Advice

For recommended vaccinations and other medical advice, we suggest to talk to your doctor well in advance before your travel.

Medical provisions on the island are not comparable to Western countries, but there are doctors and hospitals all over the island. You can avoid unwelcome incidents by following some simple rules:

  • Do not drink water from the tap.
  • Ask if ice cubes are made from bottled water.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables with bottled water before eating.

VISA regulations

Tourist visas for Zanzibar are available at the airport upon arrival at the immigration desk. The tourist visa costs 50$ and entitles you to stay in Tanzania and Zanzibar up to 90 days. It may occur that airport functionary will demand payment with a credit card, rather than cash, therefore it is recommended to have both at the time.

Be aware that the waiting time is around 45 minutes. You can save some of that time by printing and completing the following form (Visa application forms) prior to your arrival.

Check-in and check-out

Check-in time is 1 PM, while the latest check-out is at 10 AM.

Please drop by at reception. There is where the check-in will be held. After your passports being scanned, we will inform you in which of Suites or Villas you will be accommodated. 


Taxi and Car Rental

Contact us and we will provide you with licensed vehicles and pick-up/drop off service around the island. Transfer to the Airport or Stone town is 50 US$.

For car rental, you must have an international driver’s license and get an endorsement before driving. Police have checkpoints around the island so make sure everyone driving has documentation.

Public Transport

There is no official public transportation in Zanzibar.  Locals use a Dala-Dala, an open-air truck with seats that are very crowded. Please be informed that this kind of transport completely not safe and from our side, we do not recommend to use it.


If you are looking for an easy way to maneuver the roads around the village, we will provide you with bicycles a free of charge as our complimentary and you will be able to explore all the ways around. 

Dress Code

Zanzibar has a 98% Muslim population. It is fine to wear what you want while on the beach, but once you enter the village where the locals live it is important that women have their shoulders and knees covered.